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Birthing Center

A health facility which provides help and care for women in labor is called birthing center. This facility allows a pregnant woman to get home like care from professional health care facilitators. Nurses, trained professionals, and midwives will be the members of this birthing center. These people will assist the pregnant woman in the child birth. It was during 1970s, birthing centres have become a substitute for hospitals in the US.

Now, it had become very common and available everywhere in the world. Birthing center would only take care of low-risk and uncomplicated pregnancies. Bathtubs, whirlpools and showers for birthing are the key features of a birthing center. A woman who delivers a baby with the help of birthing center can decide who all she wants to be with her during the child birth. All the emergency medical facilities and equipments such as oxygen, medications, IV, testing facilities, doctor on call etc. will be available with the birthing center team.

The main objective of the birthing center team is to facilitate maximum number of drug-free deliveries. They also provide support and education for women in breastfeeding. The cost for delivery is very cheap with birth centers when compared to hospitals. The period of hospital stay is also very short. Birthing centers are very much helpful for economically backward people in the society to have secure child birth.



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