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Blastocyst Culture

It is a technique in IVF which uses an embryo that has developed for five or six days after fertilization. Usually, the embryos are cultured for 3-4 days and then transferred into the uterus. Extending the embryo culture will help the embryologist to select the best potential embryos for transferring. Blastocyst technique is secured and has fewer risks when compared to that of the other procedures. It can reduce multiple births and increase the pregnancy rates. Blastocyst culture is chosen for couples who have:

  • Failed to achieve pregnancy in the previous treatment attempts.
  • Concern about high-order multiple pregnancies

The couple undergoing for IVF or ICSI may have more embryos than required. In such cases, they choose blastocyst culture to select the best embryos from them. It is especially, when the couple considers elective single embryo transfer (eSET). After 5 or 6 days, the embryos will develop into blastocysts. The embryologist will choose the best ones from them for implanting. These embryos will be healthy, strong and robust. The procedure is completed in different stages.

blastocyst culture in bangalore 

The process of embryo transfer is done after three daysif within this time, the blastocyst formation and hatching out of the embryonic shell might have occurred. The transfer is done faster than the time for actual implantation and invasion. The success rates of this procedure may vary according to the culture system and the quality of the laboratory. Choosing the right clinic and doctor is important if you are opting for a blastocyst culture. Otherwise, good results cannot be achieved.




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