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Celebrities who have opted for IVF

Date :15/11/19

IVF is extremely common nowadays, a lot of people that have trouble conceiving children opt for IVF to start a family. Several couples who are unable to have children naturally and who had postponed the starting of a family are now able to have healthy pregnancies. We thought it would be interesting to compile a list of celebrities who have undergone IVF treatments. So here goes;

1.Aamir Khan - What better place to start off than the man who has come up with some of the highest-grossing films that Bollywood has seen. When Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan wanted to have a baby, several factors prevented them from doing so, it wouldn't appropriate to go into the details, but regardless to say they are happy now and have a son named Azad.

2.Shah Rukh Khan - The list of Khans wouldn't be complete with him who is often called king Khan, when he and his wife were trying for a third child, they opted for IVF and thus their third son AbRam was born. He was born some weeks premature but all can see how he is now a healthy, happy and extremely cute little boy. Shah Rukh definitely has some competition from that little guy.

3.Farah Khan - Just like several working women, Farah had postponed the start of a family till her forties. She was married post the age of forty and therefore the starting of a family was extremely difficult. Most women give up thinking that surrogacy after 40 wasn't possible, but that's not what Farah did, she tried IVF and now has triplets.


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Blog Reviewed by: Dr. Mangala Devi K R
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