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Treatment for secondary infertility

Date :21/05/20

The inability of a woman to get pregnant, after having previously given birth to a child, is what is clinically termed as Secondary Infertility. The causes for it are often very much the same as primary infertility. All over the world, millions of women are affected by this medical problem.


For someone who has easily; and without problems; conceived earlier, this can be very frightening and seem complicated, and it is. But, first things first, this is not a woman only problem. This can be, and often is, a couple’s problem.

Yes! The problem can easily be with the male side of the couple. This is a problem that you face together as a couple.

The treatment starts; as with all things medical, with tests for both of the couples. Once a possible cause is detected, the doctors will start a course of treatment.

Following are some possible courses of treatment for women:

  1. Medication: This may be to stimulate ovulation or normalize the hormone levels.
  2. Lifestyle intervention: Bodyweight can be a major factor, and hence reducing it can greatly increase the chances of pregnancy.
  3. Surgery: issues like scarring of the uterus; fibroids in the uterus, can be treated with minimally invasive surgical procedures. Laparoscopy when used along with Hysteroscopy, can be effective procedures.
  4. Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART): Two of the common are: Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) and In-Vitro Fertilization. These methods are extremely promising and in some countries, they have very good success rates.

So, yes, secondary infertility is a problem. But, one that can be solved without fear, successfully. But, also one that should be solved as a couple, as a family.

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