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Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) is a semen analysis test done to evaluate the characteristics of a male’s sperm. The main goal of this procedure is to analyse male fertility. This may be done by a person who is getting ready for pregnancy or to verify ht success of vasectomy. Normally, it is done as a part of routine pre-pregnancy test for the infertile couple.

The test provides detailed information on sperm density, sperm morphology, percent motility and sperm concentration. Apart from these various other parameters of sperm motility are also analysed in CASA, such as:

  • VSL
  • VCL
  • VAP
  • ALH

A best candidate for CASA can be a:

A main advantage of this test is that, it provides highly accurate and reliable results. The results will be very precise and useful. It is more beneficial than the conventional semen analysis. But, people choose for the conventional semen analysis method as the CASA is more expensive.



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