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Colour Doppler Scanning

Colour Doppler scan is an ultrasound scan which is used for assessing the baby’s health. It is used to measure the blood flow in different parts of the baby’s body, which may include brain, kidneys, heart and the umbilical cord. It can be performed using the same equipment for normal ultrasound can be done along with the normal ultrasound. The sonographer (who carries out the procedure) will find a blood vessel (often in the umbilical cord) and switch on the Doppler. Screen connected to the equipment will show 3D and 4D images of blood flow in the area. The machine will analyze the blood flow. This process may only take some minutes of time.

Doppler scan is usually suggested for cases such as:

  • The woman is carrying twins that share a placenta
  • The baby is not growing adequately
  • The baby is affected by parvovirus
  • The baby is affected by rhesus antibodies

The Doppler scan can see whether the placenta works normally or not, by tracing the blood flow between the umbilical cord and the blood flow. Mainly, Doppler scan is suggested to check whether the baby is getting enough nutrients and oxygen. Doppler scans suggest the right treatment for the growth and security of the baby.



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