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Contraceptives & Birth Control Techniques

Contraception or birth control is a term used to describe methods or ways by which pregnancy is prevented. There are various contraceptive methods available nowadays, which may vary according to each individual. A birth control technique is chosen according to the woman’s health, desire to have children in the future, family history, age and the frequency of sex. The various kinds of birth control techniques are discussed below:

  • Hormonal method: Birth control hormones can prevent pregnancy very well. Hormonal methods may include birth control shots, contraceptive patch, vaginal ring, contraceptive pills, implantable rods etc.

  • Barrier Methods: When compared to other techniques, barrier methods are not so effective. The couples have to use this during the time of sexual contact. Some of them may include diaphragm, sponges, condoms etc.

  • Intrauterine Devices or IUDs: One of the safest methods of birth control is IUDs. Usually, the device will be inserted into the uterus. The two types of IUDs are Copper IUD and Hormonal IUD.

  • Sterilization: It is a method chosen by couple who do not want to have children in future. In women, a procedure called Tubal Ligation is done and in men, Vasectomy.

  • Emergency Contraceptive Pills: It is used when the couple forgot to use contraceptives or when the barrier method is failed.

  • Fertility Awareness: This is a process where the couple needs to be alert and sexual intercourse should be done only when they are not fertile.

It is important to choose the method after consulting a doctor.




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