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Cost of IVF

Are you waiting for a baby long time ? If Yes,

Smile Baby IVF – Infertility Clinic in Bangalore will help you to make your dream into reality.

Smile Baby IVF, infertility clinic stands with an intention of providing international standard treatments and services for patients in a reasonable and cost effective manner. We offer treatments for all type of fertility cases (both men and women) using advanced medical, surgical and scientific techniques. Among them one of the sophisticated and advanced treatment method that we offer for infertility problems is IVF Treatment.

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IVF Treatment

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF ) is a one assisted reproductive technology where the fertilization process is performed outside the body. In this process the egg and sperm manually combined in a laboratory culture dish and the fertilized egg called embryo is surgically implanted in the uterus. The treatment can be performed using your own eggs and sperm or using either donated sperm or donated eggs or both. The steps that involved in an IVF process

  • Superovulation or Stimulation of multiple follicles and eggs

  • Retrieving the egg

  • Insemination and Fertilization of eggs in the laboratory

  • Embryo culture

  • Embryo transfer to the uterus

Situations where IVF Treatment is used

IVF can be an option for situations like

  • Low sperm count

  • Problems with ovulation

  • Endometriosis

  • Problems with uterus or fallopian tubes

  • Inability of sperm to penetrate or survive in the cervical mucus

  • Antibody problems that cause harm to sperm or eggs

Number of couples who choose IVF treatment for infertility problem is increasing day by day because of their increasing success rate and affordability. Smile Baby IVF provide advanced IVF treatments for patients based on their health conditions. The cost of IVF treatments we offer can be affordable to common people also. Nowadays IVF has become one of the proven and reliable techniques in the field of infertility and can be achieved at affordable price.



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