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D & C Procedure

Dilation and Curettage procedure, also known as D&C procedure is a surgery done either to remove the tissue in the uterus or to diagnose/treat abnormal uterine bleeding. The procedure uses a special instrument to scrape the uterine lining and the cervix will be dilated. The surgery will be conducted in the hospital or as an outpatient basis. The entire procedure may take 10 or 15 minutes to complete.

During the surgery, the doctor will insert a speculum into the vagina. The cervix will be held in place using a clamp. The cervix will be cleansed using an antiseptic solution. The procedure comprises of two steps- dilation and curettage.

Dilation- A surgical instrument will be inserted by widening and opening the lower portion of the cervix. The instrument used for this is called dilator/laminaria tents. Sometimes, medications may be used for widening the cervix.

Curettage- During the process, the lining of the uterine will be scraped and uterine contents will be removed. This procedure is done using an instrument called ‘a curette’. The remaining contents will be suctioned using a cannula. As a result, the patient may experience some cramping.

The procedure does not induce profuse complications. Some of the rare risks include:

  • Uterus perforation
  • Cervix damage
  • Infection
  • Scar tissue on the uterine wall.




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