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DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) also known as the Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay is a technique used to measure the percentage of sperm with high levels of DNA fragmentation. The test can ensure a couple to choose the right fertility treatment.

The procedure is performed using a flow cytometerin. The cells are then stained with a fluorescent dye and passes through a glass channel in liquid suspension. A laser beam will be then passed through these cells, which will cause the dye to emit a different colored fluorescent light. Sperms that have low level of DNA fragmentation will be shown in green color and sperms of high level DNA fragmentation will be shown in red. The instrument called flow cytometerin will measure the ratio between the two in each 5000 sperms. DFI is the percentage of sperms with DNA fragmentation.

This test is usually recommended only for:

  • Those who have unexplained infertility
  • Those who had recurrent miscarriages
  • Those who have abnormal semen analysis
  • Men above the age of 50
  • Before trying out other ART
  • Continuous infertility even after treating the female partner

Compared to other conventional methods SCSA gives accurate data. It is very much useful for diagnosing male potential for infertility. This method analyses all types of cells. SCSA is very much useful for couples in determining their infertility treatment.



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