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Diagnostic Hysterolaparoscopy

It is a diagnostic method used to find the causes for female infertility. Diagnostic hystero laparoscopy can find whether it is scar tissue, blocked fallopian tubes or fibrosis, which blocks one from getting pregnant. The procedure allows the doctor to examine the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus thoroughly.

During the procedure, the doctor will give a general anesthesia to the patient. The procedure of hysteroscopy is done along with laparoscopy. Hysteroscope is a narrow fiberoptic telescope, which will be inserted through the cervix. After this procedure, laparoscopy will begin by injecting a harmless gas into the abdomen. For this, a needle is inserted through the abdominal wall. By raising the abdominal wall, this gas permits a clear vision of the reproductive organs to the doctor. When the abdomen is distended, the needle will be removed and a laparoscope will be inserted. Making another small incision in the abdomen, a grasper will be inserted. This allows access to the hidden areas of the reproductive organs. If endometriosis is seen, it will be treated using lasers or electrocautery. Scar tissue may be cut out with the help of scissors.

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If the doctor could determine the cause of infertility during the hystero laparoscopy, treatment will also be finished at the same sitting with the help of operative surgical instruments. This procedure will take one day to complete. The patient may feel weak for some days following the procedure. There can be infection, swelling, fever, redness around the incision, vaginal discharge etc. for some days.



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