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Female Infertility And Causes

There are many people in the society who believe that, infertility can only affect the women. In fact, it affects both the partners. The inability of women to conceive is called female infertility. In most cases, it is found that female infertility occurs as a result of issues with the egg production. A condition in which the ovaries stop functioning before natural menopause is called Premature Ovarian Syndrome. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is another condition in which the ovaries may not release an egg regularly or may not release a healthy egg. This can also cause infertility in women.

Like men, female infertility can also be caused due to numerous aspects. It may include:

  • Damage to the Fallopian tubes: The Fallopian tubes carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. Any damage to these tubes may cause prevent the sperm from meeting the egg. Fallopian tube damage can be caused due to:
  • Hormonal Causes: Certain hormonal changes cause problems with ovulation. This will cause infertility.
  • Cervical Causes: It is a cervical condition where the sperm cannot pass through the cervical canal. This may also cause fertility problems.
  • Uterine Causes: The presence of fibroids and polyps, and abnormal anatomy of the uterus etc. can also cause fertility problems.
  • Unexplained Infertility: This is a condition where the cause of infertility could not be determined using the available diagnostic methods as seen in around 20% of affected couples.



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