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Fibroid is a kind of non cancerous growths seen in the uterine muscle layers. This is one of the most common conditions which women may have to face in their life. It is mostly seen among women of 30s to 50s. A fibroid can be of different sizes. There are different types of fibroids:

  • Myomas, also called fibromyomas may occur at any portion of the uterus. They are again classified as:
  • Intramural Fibroids- Those which are very common and found inside the womb.
  • Subserous Fibroids
  • Submucous Fibroids
  • Pedunculated Fibroids

It is rare that fibroids show symptoms. In certain cases, these symptoms can be seen:

The exact cause for this condition is not yet clear. If the condition does not show any symptoms, it may not require treatment. It may gradually disappear. You may have to see the doctor if the symptoms are severe. Treatments may include:

Your doctor will be able to suggest you the best option according to the condition.



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