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Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Embryos may remain after an IVF treatment. This will be kept frozen to use in future IVF treatments, if the quality is good. Healthy embryos can be stored in the clinic’s or agency’s sperm/embryo bank for up to ten years. This can be either used for the same couple for the next conceiving or for another couple. Before using them, there will be tests conducted to check if the embryos are healthy enough for a successful pregnancy.

frozem embryo transfer in bangalore

Frozen embryo transfer is considered a good choice after a fresh stimulated cycle. The main benefits of frozen embryo transfer may include less medication, similar success rates as IVF, lower cost and less complex treatment. Frozen embryo transfer is chosen according to the situation and demand of the couples. When chosen for FET, the couples will undergo for a first screening test. Sequential injectionsor tablets of estrogen will be given to the patient in order to build the uterine lining. This will be continued during the embryo transfer and till two weeks after confirming the pregnancy.

The FET procedure does not require many pre-tests. To continue with the procedure, both the parties have to sign in the contract before and which will be updated in every 90 days. The procedure of frozen embryo transfer can be done either in stimulated or unstimulated cycle. The embryo transfer process can be compared to that of a smear test. The patient may experience minimal discomfort. The procedure does not require anaesthesia. The patients after FET will be suggested to avoid orgasm and ejaculation of semen into the vagina for about 5 days. This is to minimize the uterine contraction, which may cause the embryos to expel through the cervix or into fallopian tube. Such actions may cause preventing the normal implantation in the uterine cavity. Usually, prolonged bed rest is not needed after the procedure unless it is suggested by the doctor.



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