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Genetic Counseling

It is likely that the child may get certain genetic disorders. It can be passed from the parents (one of the parent or parent’s family history) or during its development in the womb. Genetic counselling refers to the method of identifying the signs of any genetic disorder in the child. Genetic Counseling also helps in managing such disorders effectively.

Defects in the genes are the main cause for genetic disorders. Errors that occur during a cell division, which is called gene mutation, can also be a cause for genetic disorders. Some of the most common genetic disorders are:

  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Spina Bifida
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Tay-Sachs Disease etc.

It is important to undergo genetic counselling when:

  • If both the parents/one of the parents has a genetic disorder and trying to get pregnant. During this time, a genetic counselling can make the patient aware of the risks and complications that they are going to face. They can get an alternate solution for their problem too.
  • If the mother is diagnosed with risk for genetic disorders after getting pregnant. Early detection can help the couple to take a good decision regarding the baby. Certain cases can be corrected with fetal surgery, if diagnosed early.
  • After giving birth to a child which has been affected by any kind of genetic disorder. A genetic counselling can help the couple to know the possibility of recurrence of the same issue in the next pregnancy.

The results of genetic tests cannot be interpreted by anyone other than a genetic counsellor. The emotional issues associated with genetic disorders can simply tackled by these genetic counsellors.



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