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HIV/AIDS Women’s Health

HIV is a condition that is linked with many social and psychological issues. Most people in the society are stigmatised about HIV/AIDS. Dealing with the social stigma is more complex and needs support. Apart from all these, HIV infection also affects the health of a woman. It causes many gynecological issues. They may also face trouble during pregnancy and childbirth.

HIV infected women and gynecological care:

Gynecological care is essential for the overall health and wellness of a woman. The main issue caused by the HIV infection is that, it affects the immune system. This will cause the following gynecological issues in women:

  • Invasive Cervical Cancer
  • Herpes Simplex 2
  • Recurrent Genital Warts
  • Cervical Dysplasia
  • Recurrent Candidiasis Infection and
  • Anal/Rectal Dysplasia

All these conditions can be treated with apt care from concerned doctors.

Pregnancy and Child Birth:

It is likely that, if the mother is HIV-POSITIVE, the unborn child may also get infected. Early detection and HIV medications can protect the unborn baby from this issue. Intake of HIV medications for the mother during pregnancy may decrease the risk for getting the child infected. It is important to undergo for HIV screening during the early period of pregnancy. It should be monitored carefully during the delivery also.



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