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Hormonal IUD

A kind of intrauterine contraception is called Hormonal IntraUterine Device. Usually, IUDs are made up of strong plastic in ‘T’ shape. Hormonal IUD is also such a device made to prevent pregnancy. This tiny device will be placed in the womb of the woman. IUD can only be inserted with the help of a trained medical professional.

There are different brands of hormonal IUDs available in the market. Two of very famous brands are – Mirena and Skyla. Hormonal IUDs have proved to be very effective. It is said that, less than one out of hundred women will get pregnant using hormonal IUD. One of the main advantages of hormonal IUD is that, it can be removed when the couple do not want them. Hormonal IUDs usually last around 5 years.

By using a hormonal IUD, it prevents sperm from joining with an egg. Hormonal IUDs have many ways for this:

  • It may keep the ovaries from releasing the egg.

  • Thickens the mucus in the cervix so that, the sperm cannot reach uterus and meet egg.

  • Affected the capacity of a sperm to move towards the egg.

A hormonal IUD takes around 7 days to start working properly. Hormonal IUD is one of the least expensive contraceptive methods. Hormonal IUDs don’t have the capacity to protect the woman from Sexually Transmitted Diseases. It may also increase the cramps during periods. It is good to have a discussion with the doctor before choosing a Hormonal IUD.



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