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How Fertile Am I?

  • Once the couple decides to start trying for the baby, the most obvious question is: How quickly is this possible? Certain things need to be kept before you start trying for baby, as longer unsuccessful trials brings frustration:
    • Having sex in the most fertile part of female partner’s menstrual period (during ovulation) is most essential
    • Ovulation usually occurs mid cycle. More precisely, ovulation usually occurs 14 days before the onset of bleeding
    • Ovulation can be upset and delayed by many factors, e.g., sickness, alcohol, travel, stress
    • According to Human Fertilisation & Embryology and Authority (HEFA) the statistics show following:
      • 30% of couples conceive within a month of starting to try for a baby
      • 75 % conceive within six months
      • 90 % conceive within a year
      • 95% conceive within two years
  • However if no pregnancy occurs after two years of regular, unprotected sex then a medical opinion is suggested:
    • At this stage the fertility of both partners is checked
    • Tests can be done to find the problem and help the couple
    • The initial assessment is done by the doctor by asking questions regarding lifestyle, general health and medical history
    • This assessment is followed by simple tests like
    • Ovulation (egg release) test for women
    • Blood tests to check for hormonal problems such as PCOS and premature menopause for women
    • Screening for rubella (German measles) for women
    • Sperm count test for men
    • Chlamydia test
    • If the tests reveal something, detailed analysis is done to find the exact problem and doctors suggest the therapies or alternative ways by which couple can attain parenthood



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