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Immuno Assays : HIV/Hbsag/HCV/VDRL

A biochemical test conducted to measure the concentration of a macromolecule with the help of antibodies or immunoglobulin is called immunoassay.

Immuno assays are used to detect HIV infection: HIV immuno assays are of different formats such as:

  • Instrument based
  • Plate
  • Rapid assays.

Managing HIV/AIDS require correct diagnosis of the HIV infection. It is possible with immuno assays.


Hbsag is measured for detecting hepatitis B virus in a blood specimen. A recent vaccination against Hepatitis B can be the reason for positive result in an Hbsag result. It will become normal after a few days. It is important to test Hbsag before and during pregnancy as Hepatitis can be a threat to the baby.


HCV immunoassay is carried out to detect Hepatitis C virus. HCV hormonal assay is suggested before and during pregnancy.


It is a screening test for detecting Syphilis. The tests uses blood sample . It is performed as a part of prenatal pregnancy care.



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