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Laser Assisted Hatching(LAH)

Assisted hatching has become popular with in vitro fertilization technique. It is an additional lab technique which intends to increase the efficiency of IVF and ICSI treatments. The procedure is done by making a small incision in the outer shell of the embryo. It is done to help the embryo to get out of the shell while in the implantation process. Now, laser has conquered almost all the medical areas. It has also influenced the field of IVF too.

laser assisted hatching in bangalore

Laser assisted hatching uses laser in breaking the outer shell (Zona Pellucida) of the embryo. Considering the safety of embryos, laser will be fired far away from it without damaging the embryos. Laser assisted hatching is usually suggested to people who:

  • Had already crossed the maternal age
  • Has thick or abnormal egg shell
  • Has slow developing or poor embryos
  • Has embryos that are prone to fragmentation
  • Has already failed in IVF cycles more than 2 times

Assisted hatching is a technique meant to help the embryo in hatching by breaking its outer shell. If the process of hatching cannot be completed properly, it causes failure of embryo implantation process. As a result, pregnancy may not be achieved. Laser assisted hatching is a safer and faster technique which has less risks than the traditional hatching method.



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