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Medical Tourism India For IVF

The first successful IVF treatment was in 1978, when the first test tube baby in India was born. She was the second test tube baby in the world. It proves the fact that, India is one of the best for IVF treatments in the world. The 20 years journey in IVF had helped India in increasing the number as well as quality of infertility treatments. There is countless number of infertility clinics across the country. Apart from the number, the quality of treatments which is available at cost-effective price is the key feature that influences people across the world to travel towards India for their IVF treatments.

Most of the clinics in the country are well equipped with high-class infrastructures and skilled professionals. They can handle almost all kinds of treatment and diagnostic methods of IVF. Whether it is IVF, ICSI, IUI, egg donation, embryo transfer or endoscopic diagnosis, India is the best. The growth of tourism had contributed much to the development of IVF in India. Other technological advancements can also be some factors.

However, no one is allowed to take everything for granted and there are certain rules and policies which should be followed while coming to India for IVF treatments and procedures. Strict guidelines are there for each technique. One of the major defects is that, there are no rules and regulations in setting up these kinds of clinics. So, when one travels to India for any IVF treatment, it is their responsibility to confirm whether the clinic is an authorised one or not. Anyhow, India has become the most popular destination for fertility tourism, which is comparatively a new stream in tourism.



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