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Menopause is the time when menstrual cycle stops. It is a period where, several hormonal changes occur within the body of women. As a result, this period may induce many physical as well as mental changes in women. Menopause may show symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal changes, irregular uterine bleeding, irregular periods, physical and mental changes etc.

Hot Flashes:

It a condition experienced by women during peri menopausal period till the final periods stop. Pink or reddish skin, sweating, heart palpitations, anxiety etc. are some of the main symptoms of this condition. The condition may also cause mood changes and fatigue. Hot flashes may not require treatments and fade away over time. Hormone therapy, deep breathing exercises etc. may help reducing hot flashes.

Vaginal Changes:

Due to low estrogen levels, women may experience vaginal dryness and irritation during menopausal period. Vaginal wall inflammation can also be there. All these may make the sexual intercourse difficult and painful. This condition is treated with vaginal moisturizers or vaginal lubricants. Estrogen treatments may also be suggested.

Irregular Uterine Bleeding:

The uterus may shrink in women who are near to menopause. There can be significant changes in the menstrual cycle also. Not getting periods for more than a year continuously may be an indicator of menopause.

Physical and Mental Changes:

Hormonal changes will cause physical and mental changes. This may cause various issues like mood swings, depression, headache, difficulty in concentrating, insomnia, decreased sexual desire, urinary incontinence, dry skin, dry hair, weight gain etc.

Serious discomforts during menopause period should be informed to the gynaecologist for further check up and solution.



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