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Multiple Pregnancy Management

The incidents of multiple pregnancies have increased with the increasing number of assisted reproductive techniques. Multiple pregnancies pave way for complications such as preterm labour, gestational hypertension, thromboembolism, membrane rupture etc. These issues make the delivery also complicated. We have highly efficient professionals to provide special care in such cases.

In order to avoid risks involved in multiple pregnancies, it is important to have frequent and thorough check up and tests. Ultrasound test should be done frequently to measure the growth of the baby. Other tests may include Umbilical Cord Measurement, biophysical profile, fetal heart rate monitoring etc.

If anything is found during the tests, the doctor would take preventive measures and treatments. The doctor will give medications to stop the contractions, if found with preterm labor. Right direction regarding nutritional diet should be given to the woman during pregnancy. Some may require rest to avoid further risks.



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