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Ovarian Reserve Assessment

There are many infertility cases in which the women fail to achieve pregnancy due to poor functioning of the ovary. Ovarian reserve assessment is a fertility test done to determine the functioning of the ovary and its quality. The test is usually recommended by the doctor when a couple is getting ready for a child.

When a woman is born, there will be a definite number of eggs in her ovaries. This is called as an ovarian reserve. Normally, the egg supply decrease with the woman’s age. Egg count and quality decreases with the age. Ovarian reverse assessment helps in determining the number of eggs that can be fertilized. Conventional ovarian assessment includes tests such as FSH test, inhibin and oEstrogen test etc. Modern method of ovarian reserve includes:

  • FSH level (in blood) assessment
  • Assessment of ovarian volume
  • Clomid Challenge Test
  • Antral Follicle counting through ultrasound
  • Ovary size assessment for predicting the pregnancy potential
  • AMH level assessment

The result of an ovarian reserve assessment can be normal or poor. It is not necessary that a normal ovarian reserve guarantee successful pregnancy. It should only be taken as an indicator of proper ovary functioning. Ovarian reserve assessment helps a woman in deciding whether she should go ahead with IVF treatment or not. Through the antral follicle count test, the doctor can determine whether there is a chance for successful IVF or not.



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