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Placental Problems

A tissue that connects the developing fetus and the mother is called placenta. The developmental problems in the placenta may cause placental issues. There can be various types of placental problems such as:

  • Abnormal shape, size and surface of placenta- These issues may cause conditions like:
  • Circumvallate placenta– Causes antepartum bleeding, prematurity, abruption, multiparity, perinatal death etc.
  • Succenturinate Lobe- Cause postpartum infection and haemorrhage. They are common in cases of increased maternal age.
  • Bipartite Placenta- Causes septic complications and bleeding.
  • Placenta Menbrancea- Causes postpartum haemorrhage and antepartum hemorrhage.

If the placenta is abnormally and strongly attached to the uterine wall, it can cause conditions such as:

  • Placenta Accreta
  • Placenta Percreta and
  • Placenta Increta

Other conditions that may affect placenta are:

  • Placental Abruption
  • Placental Praevia
  • Cord anomalies etc.



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