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If a pregnant woman is marked with high blood pressure and presence of protein in the urine, the condition is defined as preeclampsia or toxaemia. In most cases, preeclampsia effects women after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The condition is associated with swelling of the feet, hand and legs.

Experts opine that, reduced blood flow can be the main reason for preeclampsia in pregnant women. The blood flood flow may be reduced if the placenta is not implanted properly on the uterine walls or if the arteries around do not dilate properly. Puffiness around the eyes, and swelling in the hand and feet are the main symptoms of preeclampsia. Other common symptoms are:

  • Severe and persistent headache
  • Tenderness in upper abdomen or intense pain
  • Vision changes
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting etc.

Blood tests and urine sample tests are used to diagnose preeclampsia. Depending on the severity, treatment plan may vary for each person. It is better to have an expert opinion when diagnosed with preeclampsia. Some cases may require Caesarean to deliver the baby. Some cases may require long term hospital stay and care till delivery.



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