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Secondary Infertility

The inability of a couple to conceive a second child is called secondary infertility. The couple might have given birth to a child in the past and unable to give birth to one in the present. This condition may trigger physical as well as mental discomforts in the couple. Studies conducted by the National Survey of Family Growth state that, more than 1 million couple in the world suffer with this condition called secondary infertility.

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A fertile partner may experience secondary infertility when he/she is with a new spouse or due to a fertility problem developed by the existing partner. Fertility problems which can cause secondary infertility in a couple are:

  • Irregular Ovulation
  • Fallopian Tube diseases
  • Age
  • Low motility or concentration of sperm
  • Endometriosis
  • Stress
  • Scarring after childbirth etc.

When couples had a normal fertility and delivery in the past, the sudden entry of ‘secondary infertility’ may destroy their mental and physical health. It is important to have a thorough check up whenever the couple face issue in conceiving. Even if it is a couple who had already given birth to a child in the past, everyone should undergo for check up. Secondary infertility is a common problem, but not always discussed.

Coping with secondary infertility needs co-operation and care from the relatives and friends. The couple should also require a counselling for the same. In certain cases, the couple may seek help of Assisted Reproductive Techniques or some may adopt.



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