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A diagnostic procedure used to evaluate the patency of fallopian tubes is called sonosalphingography or sion test. It has fewer side effects and for the same reason, the test has become very popular among doctors. The test is mainly used:

  • As part of infertility diagnosis
  • Detecting issues with submucous fibrosis polyp
  • Observe intrauterine lesions
  • To investigate repeat pregnancy losses for uterine anomalies.

To start with,a Foley’s catheter is placed inside the uterine cavity and physiologic saline is injected under Ultrasound guidance. Fluid leakage outside the uterine cavity will be prevented by an inflated bulb of the catheter. There are no side effects or complications for this test.

Simply put, it is a basic screening test to evaluate the tubal patency in infertile women. Tubal patency is assessed by filling in a fluid to the fallopian tubes through the uterus. This test is recommended by many doctors as non invasive, low-cost and safe technique for infertility diagnosis. The procedure does not cause radiation and exposure to iodinated contrast agents.



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