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Sperm Function Tests

Sperm evaluation is vital when the infertility is caused due to the impotency of the male partner. Sperm function has got high priority in the evaluation of infertility. Sperm function testing requires specialized equipments, apparatus and expertise. Basically, there are three steps in a sperm function test:

  • Diagnosing sperm dysfunction
  • Predicting the fertilization rates
  • Indicating an appropriate treatment option for the sperm dysfunction found in the test.

Sperm functions are not always important in diagnosing Ivf. Usually, it is used for research purpose. There are many tests included in sperm function tests. Some of them are:

  • Morphology and DNA status test
  • Sperm-zona pellucida binding assays
  • Hypo-osmotic (HOS) test
  • Reactive Oxygen Species Test
  • Acrosome reaction test

DNA fragmentation test is considered to be vital nowadays. It can detect the high level of DNA fragmentation in sperm cells, which is not possible with other conventional examinations. According to studies, there can be a significant compromise in the possibility of a successful pregnancy if there is an elevated level of DNA fragmentation.



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