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Sperm Processing In Bangalore

Sperm processing is a procedure done to isolate motile sperms from non-motile sperms. It is mainly done to collect sperms of good quality. It is done as a part of Assisted Reproductive Techniques. The method of sperm processing involves various steps such as:
Separation of the sperm- There are various techniques used for this procedure. One of the most common among them is the density gradient separation. A colloidal solution is used based on the density. Poor/ non-motile sperms and blood cells are separated from sperms of best quality. Other sperm separation methods are:
Swim-Up Procedure
Glass Wool Filtration
Glass beeds
Sephadex Columns
Transmembrane Migration
Sperm Washing- This is a technique where the sperm is removed from the semen.
Sperm Preservation and thawing- Best quality sperms selected will be preserved for further use.
Storing the sperm- The sperm will be stored in a clinical laboratory under -196F temperature
IUI- Implanting the sperm into the uterus.



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