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Testicular Biopsy

Testicular biopsy is a test done in order to evaluate a man’s ability to become a father. It is done by examining a sample tissue of one or both testicles using a microscope. Testicular biopsy can be sometimes helpful for determining the cause of male infertility. The biopsy is done if:

  • The man does not have sperm in the semen
  • If the hormone test results are within the normal range

This test can also be done to retrieve sperm for IVF treatment. The test will be done by a surgeon or a urologist in a clinic, or in the doctor’s office or hospital laboratory. The doctor will clean the skin over the testicles with an antiseptic solution. A sterile cloth will be used to cover the area. After that, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the operative area. After making an incision through the skin, a tiny piece of testicular tissue will be removed. Testicular biopsy can be done in two different ways:

  • Percutaneous Biopsy: This procedure does not use incisions or stitches. It is also known as a fine needle biopsy.
  • Open Biopsy: also known as surgical biopsy, is a surgical technique. Incisions will be made in the skin as well as in the testicle to extract the tissue for testing.

The method of testicular biopsy is very important in diagnosing male infertility. Minimal preparations are needed for the test. After the procedure, the doctor will give you special instructions for fast recovery. The doctor may suggest you the following things:

  • Keep away from any sexual activity and intercourse for 1 to 2 weeks.
  • To use an athletic scrotal supporter for several days.
  • Avoid washing the area of biopsy for several days and keep the area dry.
  • Taking aspirin should be avoided for one week.
  • If you experience soreness, use acetaminophen.

There can be discoloration, swelling and discomfort for a few days. Minimal bleeding can also be there. Anything serious should be informed to the doctor immediately. Testicular biopsy can help one to resolve his problem of infertility.



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