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Testicular sperm Aspiration (TESA/TESE)

Enabling a pregnancy using the male partner’s own gametes is possible through Testicular Sperm Aspiration. It can be done even if the man does not have sperm in his semen. To check if the treatment will be successful or not, a sample test will be conducted before. It is done by retrieving sample from the testes/epidydimis using with the help of needle aspiration. If the sample contains sperm, it will be kept for future treatment by freezing them. This procedure is possible only with ICSI method. Other methods might not give the end result.

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The procedure can also be used for diagnostic purposes. It can detect medical conditions such as Azoospermia. Men with ejaculation problems or obstructions can also seek help from Testicular Sperm Extraction. The procedure is done through the following methods:

  • The patient will be given an anesthesia
  • A fine needle will be passed into the testicles
  • A small amount of tubules will be removed from the seminiferous tubules
  • The extracted tubules will be processed and check for sperm in the laboratory.
  • The sperm retrieved will either be used for fertilization or frozen for later use.

The sperm removed using TESA/TESE method will be less motile and less mature. To achieve fertilization using such kinds of sperm will require ICSI method, which is a specialized form among IVF treatment methods. TESA is comparatively a new kind of aspiration technique. The success rates of this procedure entirely depend on the expertise and technical skill of the doctor as well as the clinic.




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