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Tubular Surgery

Fallopian tube facilitates the passage of eggs to the sperm and fertilized egg to the uterus. Any blockage in the fallopian tube will prevent pregnancy. Tubular blockage is one of the common causes for infertility in females. There are different types of surgeries available for removing the fallopian tube blockage. It may vary depending upon the extent and location of the blockage.

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Some of the surgeries can be done using laparoscopic techniques and microsurgical techniques. Open abdominal surgery is also done. Some of the most common surgeries to remove the fallopian blockage are:

  • Tubal Renastomosis: It is done to reverse the damage to the fallopian tube caused by any disease or tubal ligation. In this procedure, the damaged part is removed and the remaining parts are anastomosed together.
  • Fimbrioplasty: If a part of the tube closest to the ovary is blocked partially, or if there is a scar tissue which may prevent normal egg pickup, fimbrioplasty is chosen. This procedure is done to rebuild the ends of the fallopian tube
  • Salpingostomy: If the outer end of the fallopian tube is blocked salpingostomy is chosen. It is done by creating an opening in the part of the fallopian tube which is close to the ovary.

There are minimal invasive procedures to remove the tubal blockage such as selective tubal cannulation. Surgeries may require 2-3 days of hospital stay. After the surgery, the surgeon may give you antibiotics to prevent infection.



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