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Varicocele Surgery / Varicocelectomy

An abnormal enlargement of a plexus of veins (called pampiniform venous plexus) in the scrotum is known as varicocele. Varicocele surgery or varicocelectomy is a surgical procedure done to correct this condition. The procedure is done on outpatient basis. There are three common approaches used for this surgery-

  • Inguinal- Procedure uses groin as the surgical area
  • Retroperitoneal- Uses the abdominal area
  • Infrainguinal- Area below the groin

There are various other techniques which may be used for varicocele surgery. There can be swelling in the surgical area for a few days after the surgery. This can be minimized by keeping ice packs in the surgical area. Other possible complications are:

  • Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Injury
  • Hydrocele

Embolization is an alternative method to varicocele surgery.



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