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The method of freezing and storing the embryos for later use is called vitrification. Even though there are many other techniques to freeze and protect the embryos, it is an ultra rapid freeze method. The method was first developed in Geneva, several years ago in order to preserve the domestic animal embryos. In egg vitrification, the eggs will be put into a special solution (vitrification medium). The solution will be then cooled quickly and taken before forming ice crystals in the glass because, forming ice crystals may cause damage to the embryos.

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Vitrification is considered in situations such as:

  • When the couple’s fertility has been damaged due to cancer treatment or when at the risk of losing fertility.
  • When the partner doesn’t produce sperm on the day of egg pick up.
  • Due to certain ethical or religious reasons that may not allow for embryo storage.
  • If you are still young and want to preserve your fertility and store the eggs.

The technique of vitrification is developing fast. The significant improvements in the number of pregnancy outcomes have contributed to the fast growth of this technique.



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